Terms and Conditions





Once payment has been submitted, we are under the impress client has read and agrees to terms and conditions.


For services under $500, entire payment is required to begin service.

Services over $500 are eligible for a partial payment pf 50% before work begins and the remaining 50% when projects are completed. Projects will remain in the property of the designer until full payment is received.

Failure to submit payment within 14 days after your service has been completed will result in an additional fee of $100 being added. Failure to submit payment within 28 days after your service has been completed will result in termination of contract. Client will be required to pay full price before receiving services again.



Under NO circumstance will a refund be granted. If a client decides he and/or she would like to cancel their services for any reason, they will not be granted a refund. Any payment that has been submitted; deposit or full amount is FINAL sale.

Any project or designs will remain in the ownership of the designer without full payment. Failure to comply with terms and conditions could result into legal action.


TheAngelBelow LLC. works diligently to deliver projects on time. 

When order volume is high (during sale times, especially), additional time may be required to complete your project. It is clients' responsibility to read over the descriptions of their desired service, as the description has the turnaround time along with more important information client must know.

Please note that turnaround time does not begin until client has provided designer with the required documents. 

For A La Carte' services turnaround time is between 7-14 business days.

Packages and Web Designs turnaround times are between 4-6 business weeks.


Design proofs are sent before a final decision is made. Proofs have strict revision policies which is in the description of each service. Proofs are not to be used as these designs belong to the designer. It is the client's responsibility to ensure information and spelling is correct within their proof. If proof is finalized, an additional fee is required to change. 

When explaining your design vision, we require a very thorough description. If you don't have a vision, we strongly advise you to brainstorm your ideas before placing your order. TheAngelBelow Llc. is incapable of meeting a vision if client doesn't have one. Although, we do not freestyle, designers' expertise is available but a day and time must be scheduled.

Files are sent in JPEG and PNG. We do provide PDF and .PSD (fee) files upon request. We don't provide .AI files as of now. If you request additional files more than 2 days after receiving your initial files, turnaround is 1-3 business days. If you request additional files more than 30 days later, a fee is required. Once files are sent via email, client now has complete ownership of their files and brand name. Trademarks and copyrights are up to the client.


A 10PT-12PT link is going to be placed on client's website crediting designer. If for any reason, the credit is removed, project must be removed/changed or legal action could take place.

Client gives The designer, TheAngelBelow.com to use their design for portfolio, branding and marketing purposes. If client does not compensate designer completely, client agrees that any remaining work/projects remain in the possession of the designer and does not belong to the client under any circumstances. This prevents any use of any service client created for you. Failure to comply with this term will result into legal action.

If client fails to make a payment by a required/agreed-upon deadline, this could result in legal action, termination of terms or withheld work/projects by the designer.

If for any reason a client decides to file a dispute, legal action will be taken. We do not grant disputes. There is a strict no refund policy that client has agreed to by purchasing from Theangelbelow.com

All projects are created based on clients' descriptions and per clients' requests. All turnaround times/time frames will be stated before purchase.

This is solely up to the client to understand.

If for any reason, client decides not to wait and cancel/terminate the terms or client decides they do not like their design, no refunds will be issued. It is our due diligence to accommodate all clients.

Failure to adhere to this policy could result into legal action and blocked from making future purchases. 

Business Hours

Monday -Friday | 9am until 8pm

Saturday-Sunday | Closed

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