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WIX Website Designs PLANS


Please note: I am not responsible for domains nor website subscriptions. That is solely up to the responsibility of the client.


Homepage Only ($150)

  • Only FULL design of Home page
  • 3 Banners
  • Light box customization
  • No product uploads. 


Revamping Website Design ($250)

  • Only serves for main pages. (Home page, About Us, Contact Us, FAQ/Policy) 
  • 2 home page Banners
  • Light box customization/revamp
  • No product uploads. I will not work with products.


Simple Website Design ($400)

  • Up to 6 pages (EX. Home page, 3 product pages (such as Tops, Bottoms, and Accesories), Contact Us, and FAQ/Policy) This is just an example, you're welcome to choose your own 6 pages.
  • 2 home page banners
  • Light-box customization. (EX. Subscribers pop-up)
  • ONLY 10 product uploads. I will not upload over 10 products.
  • Shipping set-up
  • SEO Marketing Set-up
  • Launching Flyer


Deluxe Website Design ($600)

  • Up to 9 pages (EX. Home page, 5 product pages (such as Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Accesories, and New Arrivals), Contact Us, About Owner, and FAQ/Policy) This is just an example, you're welcome to choose your own 9 pages.)
  • 1 email automation set-up
  • Lightbox customization
  • Coupon creation (if needed)
  • 15 product uploads. I will not upload over 15 products. 
  • Payment and Shipping set-up
  • SEO Marketing set-up
  • Launching Flyer


Please note: Websites can take up to 4-8 weeks to reach completion. Deposits are accepted, but balance must be paid after the home page is completed before we begin completing the rest of your Website. Once balance is paid, you'll receive your completed site within 1-7 day(s).


You'll receive an automatic confirmation once your order has been confirmed. You'll also receive a personal email with the Website form that needs to be completed within 48 hours.


Few Businesses we have worked with:

WIX Website Design

  • Once order has been placed, no refunds are given.