Submark logo designs are put into place for business owners who want something simple as far as a symbol. Submarks can be used for social media profile pictures, labels and much more.

Please read below before purchasing.

  • Submarks are symbols.
  • Can only consist of 1-4 letters/numbers
  • Solely suggest you don't purchase if you don't own a Standard logo already
  • Three sample Submarks are sent to choose from.
  • Three official copies are sent to you in PNG and JPG format.
  • You are given 3 revisions/changes at no additional cost to a design. Additional changes result in a $5 additional fee per change.

Rush fees are available. ($15)

Rush Turnaround: (0-1 Business days)

Turnaround Time: 3-6 Business Days

Monday-Friday are considered business days.


Once purchase is completed, you're contacted via phone or email to discuss further details.

Submark or Signature Logo

Turnaround Time